Jan A. Manon is an American artist, author, pilot and inventor from Burlington, Vermont. Jan published her first book at the age of four. Jan has been creating graphics, editorial content and campaigns for companies, studios and universities for the last 20 years, and apps and user interfaces for the last 11 years. She is a self-taught software engineer and has redesigned aeronautical and automotive interfaces for leading companies. Jan enjoys a collaborative relationship with many clients, brands and agencies. Jan's also been working on her first fantasy novel on the sidelines (slated for 2019 launch).


Most days she's working on design concepts, digital marketing, apps, engineering and interactive projects for clients as Creative Director of Elf. Jan's excited by conceptualizing big ideas as well as thoughtful graphic design and strategy. Her design interests range from creating tech advertising campaigns and fluid user interfaces to meticulously crafting a product that you can hold in your hands and designing a car dash, airplane or spacecraft. She splits her time among Elf locations in the United States and western Europe. In her downtime, she's usually out with friends and family, playing with kids and dogs. On adventurous days, she takes a backcountry trip or heads to Montreal or the Caribbean for a change of scenery. Coffee's usually involved. Jan also occasionally models for ski wear and modern apparel.

Connect: hello@janmanon.com


Aviation, aeronautics and drones


A digital design and innovation agency




Apple Inc., Efiia Group, National Geographic Traveler, Amazon, TradeTec, Aston Martin, BBC, Sony, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Tevora

Design Boom, Emory Magazine, Fubiz, Seven Days and ADC Tomorrow Awards

Investopedia, Apple Insider, Stanford d. school, NASDAQ, Adage, Creativity, Business Insider and Yahoo! Finance

ADC Tomorrow Awards and Stevie Awards

Italian A' Design Awards

Projects I'd love to work on:

STORY - BOOKS, movies & audio

Writing my fiction books - fantasy, science fiction and suspense series.

Feature-length screenplays and television video series.

DESIGN & Engineering

Web and Mobile Design
Well executed app design and development for big ideas.

Wildlife Corridors, Sanctuaries, Preserves and Parks
To create any space that would help in the care of animals.

Game Design
Apps, games and electronics. 

Clothing Design
Tailored yet fluid for excellent form and fit.

Product Design
Thoughtful design for products that you can hold in your hands.

Ski and Snowboard Equipment Design
New artwork and modern designs and features.

Event, Retail and In-Store Experiences
For the best guest experience imaginable.


Directing Movies
Directing feature-length movies and working with a composer.

Creating Music
Composing the lyrics and music for a soundtrack or album.

Vehicle Design
Designing car dashes, airplanes and spacecraft.

Transportation Building Design
Designing interiors of airport terminals into more enjoyable spaces.

Energy Design
Designing better ways to harness renewable energy.

Business Design
Strategy for new and existing models to deliver the best user experience.

City Design
To make cities and urban spaces more livable and enjoyable.

AI Design
For daily things at home and work (like a personal assistant).


Currently, I am working on a fantasy novel. It's taking a while as you can see - partly because I am learning things as I go and also as I am occupied with work at Elf a lot these days. The book is coming together however and it will be ready in 2019 at last!  - Jan Manon